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Restorative Justice Programs in Nova Scotia

Lead Researcher: Don Clairmont

Currently in Nova Scotia there are three restorative justice programs, namely the NSRJ program (operating in conjunction with nine non-profit local RJ agencies), the RCMP’s Community Justice Forums CJF), and the Mi’kmaq Customary Law Program MCLP). The three programs are province-wide and have many linkages and some protocols for their collaboration.  While all three programs share some program parameters such as abiding by the moratorium with respect to sexual assault and spousal/partner violence, they also differ in some respects, such as whether or not clients are exclusively young offenders. In addition, there is the Adult Diversion (AD) program operated by Community Corrections Nova Scotia which focuses on adult offenders. This project examines the four programs with respect to their similarities and differences and how they are currently engaged with one another and what futures directions are envisaged or desired for their collaboration and networking. The project would focus on resources, referral sources, case management, types of sessions held, compliance monitoring, and linkages and networking both formal and informal with one another. Documents and existing data sources would be examined and interviews conducted with program officials, supplemented by interviewees at all RJ agencies, the major CJF, MCLP and AD sites. The project would be completed by the summer of 2008.